Courtney Stodden Turns 17 Today!

30 Aug

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison

If you don’t remember who Courtney Stodden is, then count your lucky stars. She really is a nobody who is trying hard to push her own agenda. That agenda, my friends, is famewhoring herself out for whatever she can get. It’s so bad that she should’ve been born a Kardashian.

She married Doug Hutchison when she was sixteen and since, she has been campaigning for two things. One, to be the most creepiest person on Twitter. She tweets about walking around the house in her birthday suit. Two, she wants a reality show.

She turned seventeen today and with that, they were going to take her deranged looking facial expressions to Disneyland. Instead, they opted to go shopping. For lingerie. At Victoria’s Secret. Ugh. Really?!

Let’s just hope the networks are listening when we say that we don’t want these two anywhere near our television sets.

Trisha Yearwood

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