Mario Lopez Talks About His New Show, H8R

30 Aug

Mario Lopez

In case you hadn’t heard, Mario Lopez is hosting a new show called H8R, in which celebrities confront their haters. Sounds interesting enough, right? Perhaps. The jury is still out on that, though.

In the preview video, we see Snooki and Kim Kardashian getting confronted by people who claim to hate them. As a firm hater of Kim’s, I was interested to see where this was going. Watch the preview:


The girl who is trashing Kim is doing so because she thinks her butt isn’t real?!? Why not trash her for the obvious reason? She got famous for having a sex tape! That’s why most people can’t stand her self-entitled butt. Sure, her butt is enough to squash a small town, but let’s cut to the chase here. She is famous for being famous. We have Paris Hilton to thank for that one. If they’re really going to be successful with this show, then they just need to cut the crap.

And when the celebrities try so hard to win them over, they should tell them where to stick it. They want network friendly haters, not real ones. FAIL.

Elise Kimberly

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