Corey Feldman — Sued for Being a Horrorble Person

3 Sep

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Corey Feldman
NEVER SHOWED UP to a horror film festival in Pennsylvania last year … and believe it or not, people are actually upset about it.

Feldman — who starred in a couple of “Friday the 13th” flicks back in the ’80s — had been sued for failing to appear at the 2009 Eerie Horror Film Festival … AFTER he accepted a $5,000 payment.

Now, TMZ has learned the court ruled in favor of the EHFF — and has ordered Corey to fork over $8,149 for the show fee, legal costs and interest.

FYI — this year, the EHFF booked the frickin’ BOONDOCK SAINTS!!!! So, you should probably go check that out.


Tonantzin Carmelo

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