Queen Latifah Too Big Of A Star For Dancing With The Stars

4 Sep

Queen Latifah

While people like Thomas Beatie are clamoring for a spot on Dancing With The Stars, there’s one person who won’t do the show — and that’s Queen Latifah. And why not?!? Because she’s actually a real celebrity, that’s why.

The show has become quite the punchline for the network, after claiming that they were seeking out bigger named celebrities to compete for the mirror ball trophy. Usually D-listers and people we’ve never heard of use the show to make themselves more known.

An insider said, “She thought it would be a career downturn. She didn’t believe she needs it, even though she is a fan of the show.”

She’s absolutely right, too. Why go from being a movie star and all-around funny lady, just to appear on a reality dancing competition? It would be a career downturn. However, she would have made the show fun to watch….don’t you agree?

Gary Oldman

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