Lindsay Lohan Denies Reports Ali Got Cosmetic Surgery

11 Sep

Ali Lohan

Just a few months ago, Ali Lohan was just like any other fresh-faced 17-year-old girl. Then she signed up as a model for NEXT Model Management and suddenly she appears to have a new face. It’s not an improvement, that’s for sure.

She appears a lot thinner, with a more defined jaw-line and puffier lips. Upon noticing her new look, the entire internet speculated that the teenager had some work done. What do you think?

Still, her sister, Lindsay says don’t believe the hype! When asked about whether or not young Ali went under the knife, Lindsay said, “She has never.”

A source close to the Lohan family said, “Ali just lost a lot of weight.”

Did she have something done? I mean, it’s not like Lindsay hasn’t lied to the media before, right?

Nicole Richie

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