Michaele Salahi Wants A Reality Show With Neil Schon

21 Sep

Michaele Salahi & Neil Schon

How come this news doesn’t surprise me one bit? Michaele Salahi left her husband, Tareq, and just hopped a plane to go and be with Journey guitarist Neil Schon. I can see why it would be nicer to be with a rock star (Joe Elliott, are you hearing me?) but to jump ship without a trace? That’s just terrible.

These two were dating many years ago, but she opted to marry Tareq because she thought it would be easier on her illness (MS) if she didn’t have to try to keep up with a band, on the road.

Now, she wants to sing in a reality show! Color me shocked. A source revealed that Michaele believes that Neil will both “shepherd her singing talent” and “participate in a TV show that apparently is being pitched to a couple of independent production companies.”

Oh the humanity. This crazy broad couldn’t get a show on Bravo, so now that she’s banging the dude from Journey, she thinks they’re all going to come running?

Scott Hicks

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