Charlie Sheen?s Character Hit By Paris Train!

23 Sep

Charlie Harper's funeral

If you watched the season premiere of Two And A Half Men, then you saw the show TRY to not pay homage to eight seasons with its former star, Charlie Sheen. The show opened with Charlie’s funeral and then we learned that his stalker/wife, Rose probably pushed him after catching him cheat. He was hit by the Metro train in Paris on their honeymoon, just one day after she caught him in the shower with another woman.

Still, the show was rife with jabs at Charlie and Ashton Kutcher penis jokes. I was left unimpressed with how Charlie’s family treated his memory, remains and everything else. His mother tried to pimp out his beach house at his funeral. His brother spilled his ashes and offered to get a dust buster for them.

The show implied that Charlie was an STD-ridden cheating gay womanizer. Lovely. Instead of paying proper homage to a character that’s been with them since day one, they seemed to be more interested in taking hits at Charlie Sheen. What did you think?

Peter Jackson

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