Kate Gosselin Wants A Reality Dating Show

24 Sep

Kate Gosselin

Now that she’s done pimping out those eight cute little faces for her millions of fans, Kate Gosselin is looking to stay in the reality show game. This time, however, the show that she’s proposing will focus only on her — and her dating life.

We have to ask — Is that interesting enough for her to garner her own show? Do you really care about who she’s dating? Do you care enough to watch a whole show about it?

A source said, “Kate has found it very difficult to get over the fact her show was canceled and her fame will soon fizzle out. She is hoping for another show. She wants it to deal with dating…”


The snitch revealed that Kate is looking for a man and she’s been pitching her ideas for a reality show about the concept “just to get back on television.”

Blah. Will you watch?

Peter Weller

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