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Robert Pattinson Is Embracing His Twilight Fans

10 Nov

Robert Pattinson

Now that Breaking Dawn is around the corner from hitting theaters, Robert Pattinson is talking to anyone who will listen about it. Now, he has revealed that he is embracing fans of his vampire character, Edward Cullen.

When talking about dealing with the fan frenzy, he said, “People screaming at me and stuff? I mean…It feels like job security in a funny sort of way.”

He also talked about disguising himself when he goes out. He said, “I attempt to – it doesn’t particularly work ever. I started off just trying to make strange expressions, but that’s not a particularly good tactic. You try and get little tics and things. You try and draw attention to the wrong part of your body, but that doesn’t really work at all. The best disguise is repellant.”

He added that Edward couldn’t sparkle per his usual self, because Brazil is super bright. He added, “There’s a big sequence of the movie in Brazil where for whatever reason, because Brazil is obviously very sunny, I could not possibly explain to you why I’m not sparkling. It’s sort of a glaring continuity error.”

Harrison Ford


Chris Brown Moves Out, Neighbors Rejoice

10 Nov

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been involved in a war with his neighbors at his West Hollywood condo — but that’s all over now. The rapper moved out and now, his neighbors are thrilled.

He was said to be causing trouble with his neighbors after parking in handicapped spots and playing music very loudly at any given time of the night. His neighbors are ecstatic that he’s leaving. Hey, at least he’s making someone happy, right?

Reportedly, he has only moved out, but has yet to sell the place.

Alison Eastwood

Jessica Simpson Is Due In The Spring & Is Craving Cantaloupe

10 Nov

Jessica Simpson

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, Jessica Simpson is really embracing the idea of becoming a mother. She spoke in a new interview about her pregnancy and cravings and told the interviewer when she’s due to give birth.

On how she feels now, she said, “I feel great, I honestly do. Pregnancy is a friend of mine, so everything has been running smoothly. So far, so good – no morning sickness. I feel great. I’m tired, but you know, I’m making a baby here!”

When speaking on the changes within her body, she said, “I’ve had swelling in the belly and boob area.”


She also revealed that she took the pregnancy test without telling her fiancee, Eric Johnson. She said, “I did the pregnancy test. I was feeling a little off. I first told Eric, of course. He was in the house. He didn’t know that I was taking a pregnancy test, so I kind of shocked him. I cam in shaking like, ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is happening!’ We both cried. We were in shock and kind of just sat there and stared at each other.”

She said, “I am having a spring baby. We were going to throw something together [for the wedding], but I’d rather put more time in it and be able to really enjoy the day. When you’re pregnancy, your hormones go crazy. I don’t want to be super stressed out and end up being a bridezilla! So, I’ll wait until after. We didn’t even have a date nailed down. I’m going to wait until everything is over so I don’t end up being a hormonal bridezilla.”

She revealed that she’s now craving cantaloupe, adding, “I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person. But I put salt all over it, so I don’t know if it’s that healthy. I crave anything salty and sweet. That mixture to me is so good. I can eat a whole cantaloupe in one morning.”

Victor Manuelle

London 2012 Olympics Posters

10 Nov

London 2012 Olympics Posters – London 2012 organisers have revealed the posters that will be used for next year’s Games and just one features the Olympic rings and none say the name of the capital. London 2012 Olympics Posters – A series of 12 Olympic and Paralympic posters, designed by […]

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Spike Lee

E! Takes Advantage Of Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries’ Divorce, Features Fight In Promo

10 Nov

If Kim Kardashian and her family are set on convincing everyone that her marriage to Kris Humphries wasn’t a publicity stunt, they may want to talk to E! The cable channel has released promos for t…Lance Henriksen

Gucci Celebrates 90 Years in Fashion

9 Nov

Gucci Celebrates 90 Years in Fashion – the Italian fashion house celebrates 90 years in fashion. If an essential element of a successful luxury brand is its history and heritage, then Gucci’s is more richly textured than most. Gucci Celebrates 90 Years in Fashion – In this, the 90th year […]

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Tim Roth

LeBron James — King of the Jews’ … Basketball League

9 Nov

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Shocking — LeBron James played a basketball game in Ohio last night, the same state where they lit his jersey on fire last year.

More Shocking — Dude was a last minute fill-in for a team at the Mandel Jewish Community Center, where he instantly became the best player to ever compete in the Herbert S. Diamond league.

TMZ has learned … LeBron was killing time in his home state … when he got a call from some of his friends who had a 7:30 PM game at the JCC.

We’re told LBJ’s pals were a man short, so they reached out to LBJ to fill in … and King James was happy to oblige.

Obviously , LeBron dominated — and led his squad to a ten point victory.

We’re told LeBron was super nice … taking photos and signing autographs with a bunch of kids who happened to be down the hall rehearsing for the musical “Grease.”

Afterwards, LeBron tweeted “Just got done hooping in the JCC league.  So funny but good run @RichPaul4 had a few 3’s #basketballneverstops.



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