Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Divorce In First Post-Split Interview

6 Nov

Kim Kardashian

The tabloids are abuzz today with the news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from husband, Kris Humphries. Some said he married her because he was chasing fame. Others said she wanted a fairytale life of marriage and babies before hitting 30. Now that she has filed, she opened up about what happened.

She said that there was nothing else she could do and that she knew she didn’t want to marry him prior to doing so. It’s never too late, so we know that’s BS. Another thing, why would she claim that she left him because he was chasing fame? She’s the notorious famewhore here, not him.

Besides all of that, Kim is keeping the wedding gifts and is donating $200,000 to charity. She’s also keeping the engagement ring and her mother said that she didn’t profit from the wedding. Such BS! They’ve been chasing the almighty dollar ever since she uttered the words “Ray J”.

Rochelle Aytes

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