Robert Pattinson Is Embracing His Twilight Fans

10 Nov

Robert Pattinson

Now that Breaking Dawn is around the corner from hitting theaters, Robert Pattinson is talking to anyone who will listen about it. Now, he has revealed that he is embracing fans of his vampire character, Edward Cullen.

When talking about dealing with the fan frenzy, he said, “People screaming at me and stuff? I mean…It feels like job security in a funny sort of way.”

He also talked about disguising himself when he goes out. He said, “I attempt to – it doesn’t particularly work ever. I started off just trying to make strange expressions, but that’s not a particularly good tactic. You try and get little tics and things. You try and draw attention to the wrong part of your body, but that doesn’t really work at all. The best disguise is repellant.”

He added that Edward couldn’t sparkle per his usual self, because Brazil is super bright. He added, “There’s a big sequence of the movie in Brazil where for whatever reason, because Brazil is obviously very sunny, I could not possibly explain to you why I’m not sparkling. It’s sort of a glaring continuity error.”

Harrison Ford

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